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PPV, Pay per View OR Pay per minute Adult Movies FAQs

Pay Per View movies, PPV adult videos or pay per minute porn movies - arrrrrrrr what the heck does all this mean? Basically all the same PPV VOD is about just paying for the porn you stream to your PC and is just about the best way to stream porn movies onto your computer or laptop!

How does PPV adult movies work?

OK first how many times have you bought an adult video and wished you'd not? The cover looks great, even the porn stars are pretty hot but when you play it it's a PIG! Yep it's happened to me loads of time, but with PPV stream it never happens...




Because if the movie is crap you turn it off and only pay for what you've streamed - here's a few FAQs on using pay per view or pay per minute porn videos:

Question : - What is PPV, Pay Per View & Pay Per Minute - and are they all the same?

Answer : - PPV, Pay Per View OR pay per minute adult movies are all the same thing, in a nutshell it's about only paying for the porn you stream or watch, so once you close the movie down you don't pay for anymore, so if you've watched 5 minutes that is all you pay for.

Question : - Do I need any special equipment to use PPV adult streaming?

Answer : - Nope all you need is Real player or Windows Media Player which you should already have installed.

Question : - Is PPV expensive?

Answer : - Nope, it works out to be around 4p per minute to stream the movies and you buy time in chunks starting at £4 going up to £25. But there's no membership cost and once your time runs out that's it until you buy some more.

Question : - What's shown on my credit card?

Answer : -

Question :- How fast does PPV stream the movies?

Answer : - Almost straight away, it's the same as streaming adult videos.

Question : - Is PPV streaming movies just as good as streaming or video download?

Answer : - With PPV the quality is the same as streaming, but it's not as high as adult download as that's DVD quality. To give you some idea why not try out this free PPV sample then you'll see for yourself what's on offer.

Question : - What if something goes wrong and the PPV adult movie won't play?

Answer : - No problem, we have 24/7 support using "Live Talk" so someone will always be at hand if you get stuck, although problems don't normally happen.

Question :- I've still got questions about PPV VOD adult streaming?

Answer :- Click here to get all the tecky type stuff answered.

So, how about giving PPV VOD a chance? Trust me it is the best way to watch great porn on your PC 247!

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